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NYCB - Online settings streamlines account updates

ciarmer Member ✭✭✭✭
I'm posting this just in case it helps someone with an issue I was experiencing. My account at Queens County Savings Bank (part of New York Community Bank - NYCB) required dual factor authentication whenever I performed a One Step Update. Each time I updated I would be required to have a code sent to my phone and I'd need to enter that code in Quicken in order to update my accounts. I've done this for months. NYCB has always told me they do not support Quicken.

I decided to log into my account on the NYCB website and I found that there is a setting in the Security Settings called "Connected Apps". The "Name" of the Connected App that appeared was "PFM Client". I simply edited the name to "Quicken" and saved the change. This small change resulted in the elimination of the consistent need for dual factor authorization on each update. 

So far this works flawlessly. I hope this helps someone. If it stops working I'll post an update. I am using Quicken for Windows.


  • ciarmer
    ciarmer Member ✭✭✭✭
    After using this for a few days it seems it really doesn't work. The dual factor authentication seems to allow for a couple of log-ins without again asking for a code sent by text. But effectively overnight it requires another authentication the next day. A continuing miserable experience from New York Community Bank. I'm not seeing any way around it.
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