Setting up a new school year in Quicken

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Hi, I need to help my secretaries prepare for the new school year. I have been told that we can keep the same file, (for up to 10 years). But that we can make the file only show any checks that have not cleared and then the new data as we put it in. Does anyone have the steps to do this setup?


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    Hi @qcknhs@

    From what you've posted, it sounds like you are referring to the "Year End Copy" process.  Typically users of Quicken would perform this at the end of a calendar year, however in your case it is likely that your predecessors have kept their file on a school-year basis, which certainly makes sense.  

    Take a look at the guidance located at this LINK, which should be self-explanatory.  It goes through the steps to close out a year-end and begin a new one.

    Feel free to get back to us with any followup questions.


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    Thanks I'll check it out.
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