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One step update - Chase account

Meg Kaminski
Meg Kaminski Member
when i try to update chase accounts, quicken freezes. how can i resolve?


  • Quicken Jared
    Quicken Jared Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2022
    when i try to update chase accounts, quicken freezes. how can i resolve?
    Hello @Meg Kaminski

    I am sorry to hear about these issues with freezing during updates. Thank you for asking about this here on the Quicken Community. 

    First, save a backup by navigating to File > Copy or Backup File... in the upper menu at the top of the screen, then make sure that each of your Chase accounts have been deactivated from online banking services before reconnecting with a new connection method using the steps provided here:

    1. Select the Tools menu and select Account List
    2. In the Account List, select the account for which you want to deactivate online services, and then click Edit
    3. In the Account Details window, click the Online Services tab.
    4. Click Deactivate next to the service you want to disable.
    5. Click Yes to the message asking if you want to disable this service. Note: If you do not receive this message, additional information is available below
      • Direct Connect users: If you are deactivating a Direct Connect account, you may see an additional prompt advising you to contact your bank to cancel the Direct Connect service.

        This is only recommended if you intend to deactivate an account permanently and need to contact the bank to stop any related fees.
    6. Click OK to the confirmation message.  
    7. (optional) If you do not intend to reactivate, contact your financial institution to cancel any fees they may charge for access to Quicken online services. Deactivating the account in Quicken will not normally stop the service fee.

    If you have an investment account that is linked to a cash account, you need to deactivate the online services from the investment account which will automatically deactivate the linked cash account.

    When you attempt to readd the accounts, be sure to go to the Add Account button denoted by the "+" symbol at the upper menu at the top of the screen. Be sure to LINK your accounts rather than ADD them when prompted, if they are already entered in Quicken's Account List.  

    You can read more about the steps provided above in the Support Article linked here.

    I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to your response. 

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared 
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