ONGOING Citibank Citi Cards Errors

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Citibank downloads have not worked since APRIL. It's been FOUR MONTHS. In this post and this post @Quicken_Jasmine keeps leaving updates saying something along the lines of, "This issue is ongoing. Our teams continue to work toward a resolution. Unfortunately, we do not currently have an ETA as to when it will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused." [Removed - Speculation] Can anyone at Quicken give any more insight or information on this issue and whether or not it will ever be fixed?

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    Agreed. Thanks for the updates, Quicken, but they are not informative. Is this entirely a coding problem on Quicken's end or is Citibank not being cooperative? I have no special attachment to Citi and would drop them in a second if were clear to me they were at fault for this difficulty. But I do have loyalty to Quicken and if it's all on your end, then I cannot encourage you strongly enough to devote more resources to fixing this. It's hard to swallow your apologies any more as this has become a major frustration. I might as well go back to balancing my checking account on paper.
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    This is causing me significant pain to manually update the Citi information I maintain in Quicken. When you finally do provide a resolution to this problem will my manual entries be recognized or will they cause a problem and be duplicated so I would have to clear up the balances manually even after the fix is provided.
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    I just started having Citibank download errors yesterday. I have 3 Citibank credit cards. Downloads have been working great for many many months. Yesterday 1 of the 3 cards started getting OL 209-B errors on download. Today it continued so I tried some troubleshooting. Reset did not solve the problem. Deactivate/Activate did not resolve the problem. I even removed and re-added the third party application authorization for Quicken in my online Citibank account and I was able to re-connect the 2 cards that were working before but not the cad that was having issues. So still no resolution. All 3 of my Citibank cards are the same type. Only difference are the numbers. Why 2 work just fine and 1 does not is very strange but leads me to think this is a Citibank problem. None the less Quicken should be pushing to get it resolved.
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