Projected Tax incorrect in Planner

Tjmarotz Member
Tax Planner was working fine until a few weeks ago when Quicken entered a scheduled paycheck a week early, which I had to delete and then change the start date of the next paycheck back to the week I had to deleted

In the tax planner I have the source for projected wages amount set as YTD and scheduled transactions, the columns are showing the correct amounts and the total is correct but when I'm looking at the Planning/Taxes page the wages line in the projected Tax area is only showing YTD total, why isn't the planner using my scheduled transactions as I have set up?


  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    That window in the Planning tab does not always refresh as it should. If it is correct in the Tax Planner Summary window, it will most likely be correct next time you open Quicken. You could try clicking the Wages/Salary link in the Planning tab. That may force a refresh. If not close/open Quicken.
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