Error FDP-106 at Truist Bank

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I am running Quicken Premier Version 6.8.3 on macOS Big Sur Version 11.6.8. For at least some months I have been successfully updating my credit card and checking accounts from Truist Bank using Quicken Connect and I can still access both accounts by logging in at the Truist Bank web site using the same credentials as in Quicken. I also have accounts at Bank of America, Chase Bank and Charles Schwab all of which continue to update with no problem. But suddenly without my having changed anything, early on Sunday morning 08/14/2022, the Truist Bank checking account update in Quicken began to fail. I tried resetting the connection and disconnecting/reconnecting the account both from the Account Settings page and signing out and back in to my Quicken account from the Quicken menu. Examples of the errors received were:
• Download Error (-32) CP_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND
• Error FDP-106 (ACCOUNT_MISMATCH - Account not found. No accounts returned - case 106)
Then early Wednesday morning 08/17/2022, the Truist credit card update failed in the same manner. I tried reconnecting the checking account again and now suddenly both accounts are connected and updating again.
Has this problem been fixed without notice or may I expect the connections to fail again?


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    Sometime between 6:30am and 4:30PM Eastern time I was able to download both my Truist checking and credit cards. I am using Quicken connect. Although Quicken people and Community experts claim the system will tell us when things I fixed, I have no evidence that happens.
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