Janney again, not all accounts update

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I have 3 Quicken files, one for myself, one for my wife and one for my mother, I have mastered the change over for myself and my wife. My mothers' Janney account has 3 separate accounts.

I deactivated each account. I shut down and reopened Quicken.
I set up online download with the Janney-quicken password on one of the accounts, Quicken connects, finds 3 accounts and asks me to identify each account, IRA, Trust, Personal.
It connects to Janney and says it has downloaded the last 1777 transactions

Only the IRA downloaded transactions from August.
The other 2 accounts do have August transactions

Quicken also wants me to rename every SECURITY IN ALL CAPS followed by a 7 digit number which is neither a Cusip number nor an account number.

If I try downloading transactions from the individual account, rather than a one step update, it does not download anything from August in the other 2 accounts.

There is no error message, but early on in the Janney debacle I did a restore. The names of several security purchases are blank. Quicken will ask me if Microsoft was renamed to MICROSOFT ####### and it will ask if 100 shares of Ford was renamed to 100 shares of Coke for example. It does both for several securities. I haven't worked out the lost name issue because I am going to have to go back many years of statements

However my biggest issue is that Quicken says it's connected to Quicken, yet downloads no new transactions for 2 out of 3 accounts.
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