"Market Value as of Today" incorrect for one specific brokerage account (Q Mac)

Dave H
Dave H Member ✭✭✭
It appears I have found a bug with the "Market Value as of Today" for one of my brokerage accounts. Notice attached screen shot 1, the market value at the top right is incorrect, however the correct Market Value is shown at the bottom of this screen shot. Also notice the graph, the value is decreasing for some reason... possibly related to a future bond sale that I have entered into my account register? Now look at screen shot 2, it shows the register of this account. The incorrect value for Today's Value is also shown at the top of this screen. Notice the transactions that I entered for Sept 6th (next month). If I delete these future transactions, the "Market Value as of Today" is then corrected. Not sure why a future transaction affects the "Market Value as of Today"? If I request "Market Value as of Today" for Sept 6th, on the Portfolio View, Quicken for Mac does then show the correct value, however the incorrect value is still shown on the top of the Transactions View (and the side bar).
Thank you.
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