Direct Deposit Income Not Showing in Quicken for Mac Version 6.8.3 (Build 608.44884.100)

Jpeep Member
I have US Bank

In US Bank, it shows a direct deposit from my employer. I get paid every other Thursday.

In Quicken for Mac (and Web), once I select "Show Online Balance", Quicken reflects my checking account balance with my new paycheck in it.

But, my paycheck does not show up in transactions or income or anywhere. It's annoying, and it's making the budget function confusing. Why is this happening? Please help.


  • UKR
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    Do you have a scheduled transaction reminder in your Quicken data file with the details of your paycheck (gross income, tax deductions, retirement transfers, etc.)?
    If so, have you recorded this reminder into your register on or before payday, BEFORE you download transactions from the bank?
    That should give you a properly categorized transaction, for the budget to feast on, and for the download process to correctly match with what the bank downloads.
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