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BrianHKC Member ✭✭
Every time i try to update Quicken when I am prompted on my computer, it gives me this error. I have to go find the update on Quicken's site. This has been happening for over a year and I have even reinstalled Quicken to see if that would fix the issue.


  • GeoffG
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    The error message indicates you have some type of sync or backup process running that is interfering with Quicken's ability to open/reopen the app. If you have this type of process running, you will need to pause it beforehand or exclude this folder.

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  • UKR
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    Most likely it's your Antivirus program interfering with the software update process.
    To work around this situation:
    Temporarily stop your AV
    Install the update
    Resume your AV program
    BTW, what Antivirus program are you using? Is its configuration up to date, with the latest definitions?
  • BrianHKC
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    I used Trend Microservices and it is updated 3 times a week.
  • UKR
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    BrianHKC said:
    I used Trend Microservices and it is updated 3 times a week.
    Thanks for getting back to us.
    If you have searched the Community, there have been numerous discussions about "file in use" during software updates and Trend AV was mentioned a couple of times, as well as the workaround.
    I recommend you talk to Trend AV Support and ask them for assistance. There should be a way to install software without Trend AV interfering with the process.

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