Tired of waiting for Quicken to work with Schwab to resolve problems

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I have been a 20+ year user of Quicken (windows and Mac). Very loyal because the product serves my needs. Ditto for my brokerage needs with Charles Schwab. So here is the bottom-line: Schwab will stay and Quicken will go if I cannot download my transactions daily without issue. Yes, I know there are few/no alternative options to Quicken...however, why spend the money ( annual subscription) if I can't get my basic needs met. Quicken - get on the dime, stop making the end-user the "go between", and reach out to Schwab to work out the relationship for the positive.


  • BK
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    You have not described the specifics of the problem you are experiencing that wish to be resolved. 
    The Schwab migration was a rough one last year of course.  We have multiple Schwab accounts with multiple logins and all download properly and accurately into Quicken error-free since beginning of this year.  That being said: I do recall one missing transaction last December.  So I did a manual export from Schwab (nothing to do with Quicken) and reviewed the CSV file - and that transaction was ALSO missing in the exported file.  So the culprit was Schwab.
    My intention is not to dismiss your issue, but to see if one of the community experts or moderators have seen similar reports and may provide suggestions to help.
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  • Lemo_TX
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    100% agree with you Rsaw. Sick and tired of fighting connections issues with Schwab, Chase, and Wealthfront. Today I downloaded transactions, and it downloaded 3 transactions for today Sep 3rd, but it did not download transactions from Aug 27th - Sep 2nd. I know if I call support they will have me reset the account, deactivate, reactivate, etc. etc. I've done all that and it still fails to download the transactions.
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    Thanks Lemo_TX. I spent many years doing Software R&D. One of the expectations of our customers is that the products are fully tested (i.e Alpha, Beta, etc) before GA (general availability). RE BK comments, I agree with you...however, I am not paying Quicken for a product that requires me to resolve problems by searching the user base for work-arounds. If this was public domain software, then "yes", it is expected the end-user has to reach out to fellow users for fixing problems.
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