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How to buy from another account

Don Awalt
Don Awalt Member ✭✭✭✭
I am new to Quicken/Mac, an old QWin user. What I want to do was done on the Win side with BoughtX/SoldX  transactions, but here is my situation:

I have a money market fund, say balance of $1000 and a brand new fund, balance $0.

Online I bought $800 of new fund from the sale of $800 of the money market fund. When everything downloaded to Mac, the money market had a balance of $200 and cash of $800, the new fund had balance of $800, so total balance of the two funds is $800+$1000 instead of $800 + $200. The new fund's balance is $800 due to 2 transactions - a "Buy" preceded by a Payment/Deposit transaction which took $800 from nowhere I guess!

So I just need that $800 used for the purchase to come from the money market's cash account, not from nowhere. Is there a way to modify the payment/deposit transaction, or replace it with a different transaction? Thanks!


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