Can't delete my RSU vesting entries.

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Hi All,

Am on R43 of Quicken for Windows. I added an RSU using RSU Grant. My company vests 34% the first year, then 33% the 2nd and 3rd. So I used Gradient to put in those percentages.

The resulting # of shares was not correct, for some reason, so I tried to delete all of the RSU entries that were created. I was able to delete some, but some I cannot delete. The only thing I can do is "Record Vesting"

How can I delete those wrong entries so that I can try to re-enter my RSU properly?


- Jon


  • I have the same problem. How do we remove an RSU grant entry.
  • I think I just figured this out actually. Click on Record Vesting. In the pop-up menu, select remove and then enter/done.
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