How to Connect "Transfer" into Budget

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I am trying to use the "Transfer" feature in Quicken, where if I transfer money from one account to another account that properly transfers money yet tie that transfer into a budget item however it seems like you can't do both of these things instead it is an either/or

My example:
I have "Account A" and "Account B." I want to transfer $50 from Account A into Account B while at the same time tie that $50 to Taxes budget line.

So I select "Social Security" from my Payee and category I use [Account B] which does indeed then move $50 from Account A into Account B however I can't tie that $50 into my budget because I have to select [Account B] as the "Category" and not "Soc Sec"

If I select "Soc Sec" instead of [Account B] the $50 shows up in my budget however it doesn't transfer money properly. It keeps $50 in Account A

I hope this makes sense :smile: If someone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it
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