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Why do bill reminders disappear if they go past due, but have not been entered in the register?

This happens to me once or twice a month; if I haven't added a bill/income reminder to the register, it disappears. It does not happen for all overdue reminders though. I find that what I have to do is go to the next month's reminder and schedule it to start at the overdue time, and then I can enter it. It just doesn't make sense that it disappears from the bill reminders (and also is missing from the calendar view, viewing in the past when it should have been due). I saw some other discussion that said to uncheck "Automatically add to transaction registers" in the Edit, Preferences, Downloaded Transactions menu, but it's already unchecked. It's a good thing that I remember that I didn't enter a bill, because I can't count on Quicken to remind me. How do I fix this problem?


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Where do you look for those past due reminders?
    In my account registers they typically show on the due date as if they were register transactions already, in bold face text.
    Depending on settings, they'll also show at the bottom of the register in the Bill and Income Reminders tab.
    In other views, e.g., the Home Dashboard, a classic Bill and Income Reminders view, the more recent Bills, Income & Transfers views they always show

    Is it possible that, when you executed last month's reminder, instead of setting itself to next month, the due date skipped a month ahead?
    In that case, what is your setting for xx in "Remind me [xx] days in advance"?
  • LoomisRH
    LoomisRH Member
    This happens with regular reminders that are set up in the Bills & Income menu bar, Bills, Income & Transfers sub-tab ... not reminders that are notifications.

    This is the section with the default view that has three dropdowns at the top left that filter the view: "Due Date", "Due in 90 Days", "All bills".

    All of my bill, income and transfer reminders are manual, and none are set to auto-add. A typical view will show "Overdue", "Due Soon", and "Upcoming" subsections. Sometimes, when the bill/income/transfer's time has passed, and the reminder should show in the "Overdue" section, I find that it has disappeared completely.

    If I change to Calendar view, so I can see bill reminder history prior to today, bills that have already been entered into the register are gray. The overdue reminders, that showed on the previous list view, show in the calendar as red. The overdue reminders that had disappeared from the list view, also do not show up on the calendar. They also do not show up in the register(s), so they haven't been auto-added. It's more like they've been auto-deleted!

    None of my bill reminders show up in register views. They're only added to the register when I manually enter them from the Bills & Income screen. I've always left the "remind me in 3 days in advance" default ... I don't even know what that does, because I've never noticed any reminder notifications anywhere.

    It seems like a bug to me, but if there's some magic to prevent it from happening, I'm all ears.
  • mshiggins
    mshiggins SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Do you ever see a pop up asking “Is this the next scheduled payment for...”? If you answer yes to that pop up, it is Entering whichever reminder Quicken thinks matches the payment. I find it best to always answer No, so I don’t lose any reminder instances. 

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  • ISFBob
    ISFBob Member ✭✭
    I am having the same problem. The transaction disappears on the due date without being added to the register. All of my settings (both the account and global) have been set to not automatically add to the register. There is no pop-up asking me regarding any other transaction.
  • Ron S
    Ron S Member ✭✭✭✭
    This is a known ongoing problem.  Search for "Why are my reminders suddenly no longer automatically entering into my accounts?"  Many users are having the same problem.
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