What is the purpose of the difference number in the right hand corner of the budgeting tool? (Q Mac)

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What is the purpose of the diference number on the top right-hand side of the budgeting tool? It seems like this is a pointless number if you are in the middle of the year. I understand how the number is calculated but I don't understand what this number means to me in terms of how my budget is doing. It seems like a more logical number to put there is a year-to-date difference. At least that would tell me if I am behind or ahead of budget currently. Am I missing something?


  • John_in_NC
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    Howdy, Reedh123:

    That number does indeed have a purpose when looking at your "big picture" overall, annual view. But, I understand how it is less relevant when trying to see if you are "on budget" right now.

    What might help you out more is displaying how you are doing in each category YTD which isn't on by default. (You also get totals.) 

    Click on the disclosure icon to toggle the summary column:

    Then, click on the dropdown menu to choose "Budget Year to Date Totals"

    Then, you will have the number how you are doing YTD for each category not including future months unspent goals:

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