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Hi. I have Quicken Windows Subscription. When I click on Activate Downloads for my account with Chase, Quicken just hangs. It used to work with online download. This is an urgent issue. Could you resolve it asap ?




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    Hi @michaelmn,

    Just so you know, this is a member forum, and while there are a small number of Quicken representatives who monitor posts and help solve user problems through the exchange of messages here, this isn't Quicken Support.  If you want direct contact with Quicken Support - you need to use this LINK.

    If you want help from folks here, you need to provide some more details about what you are seeing and what happens when you try to download.  For example - do you get an error code?  what connection method are you using now?  very recently, Chase decided to move to a new connection method (Express Web Connect+) did you move to that method recently?

    Any additional information will help us to help you.


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