Northeast Credit Union (NECU) transaction download problems update

MaZ Woods
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For other NECU members who have been waiting for a solution to the problems that have been occurring for months with transaction downloads into Quicken... I received information from NECU today that after their go-live date of 8/10/22 for the new online banking system, that Quicken was supposed to take a final step 5 days later to complete the process to allow transaction downloads to work again. Apparently, there was a communication mix-up and Quicken had their go-live date as 8/17/22, so now NECU expect quicken to complete their steps by this Thursday 8/25/22. So, on or after 8/25/22, we can all re-try and hopefully enjoy transaction downloads from NECU after months of it not working...


  • Spoke with Quicken tech today 9/1/22 and was able to get my NECU downloads. You may need some Tech Help to get thru this. In my case I had to turn off the Windows Firewall in Windows Security for Domain, Private and Public networks (Turn these back on later). Download the whole Quicken program (This is not just an update). In Tools, Account List, on each NECU account select Edit, Online Services, Deactivate account, Delete NECU and account #. Add NECU account(s) back in (be aware to choose the correct accounts). One Step Update should work now. Turn the Windows Firewall back on.
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    Well this issue appears to be ongoing and unresolved. Also, manual downloads are no longer working, so we have no automated download and no manual work-around. With these problems going on for months with no end in sight, I visited my local NECU branch and sat down with the branch manager to impress on her the extent to which this is impacting my personal and business life. If other NECU members out there are still experiencing Quicken issues, I suggest you do the same. While it is clear that they are aware of the issues (from the banner message on online banking), I think the more members they can hear from, at higher levels, makes it more likely that they will put the right priority on this.
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    My automated downloads started working again around the beginning of September.  I had to delete the existing connection and re-add it.
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