When importing data from bank with saving and CD's, not all CD's are importing to Quicken???

allongyear Member
Comenity Bank (Bread Financial) with 23 CD's, only the first 21 are importing to Quicken.
What am I (or Quicken) doing wrong?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @allongyear

    It is impossible for us to determine why two of your CD's are not importing into your Quicken datafile.

    Could your bank limit the number of accounts (or the amount of data) that can be downloaded at one time?  Is it possible that those two accounts had no data during the period downloaded?

    You could look at the downloaded file to see if that data which didn't download is there.  You could also try downloading only the 2 that apparently didn't download, again to see if that works. 


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