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In the old version of Quicken I had, when I was writing a check to be printed, the immediate previous check written to the same entity would come up in the box for the check to be written. This would allow me to see any invoice numbers that was on the previous check. Is there any way to include this in the new Quicken program? Now when I write a check, the check that comes in the box is the last check I wrote when I was using the older version of Quicken not the immediate last check I wrote.


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    see check function has disappeared from my Delux Q version--what happened?? Bob
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    @rddollar it sounds like the preference setting to Automatically Memorize New Payees has been toggled off. You can find preferences via menu path Edit | Preferences. In Q2017, Automatically Memorize New Payees is in the Data Entry and Quickfill section. Not sure if the location has changed in the subscription version. 

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