Separating credit card accounts from banking in account list

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My credit cards show up under Banking on the account list on the main screen But when I go to account lists under Tools they are all listed under credit.


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    You are seeing a light-gray separation line between the bank account section and credit cards on the main screen, correct?  If yes and if I am understanding your post correctly, what you described between the two views is how it works and cannot be separated or customized unfortunately.

    One argument is that the two views are not different since they all fall under Banking's main heading - the only difference is the presence of a label [credit card], vs a gray line with no label.  The opposite argument is that the two views are even more different once we consider the presentation of assets, liabilities, etc. in the two views. In the end perhaps everyone could agree that the consistency could be improved.
    I believe a similar idea to what you described has been requested in the past.
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