Transaction displaying duplicate transaction after editing the description

PeterV959 Member ✭✭
I just updated my version of Windows Quicken Deluxe yesterday to something like 43.014. Not sure if this happened before but I noticed it today. I have a zero value transaction to transfer money from an expense to an income. When the transactions were entered they were entered with no description. Whenever I see one I enter the category, which comes from the memorized transaction list. After I hit <Enter> the display updates the correct transaction and then displays a duplicate of the line on top of the next transaction. This makes it look like I lost a transaction and duplicated the edited transaction. It corrects when I move around so I know it isn't really duplicated. It just looks alarming when I see it, or it did. Now I know what's happening.

Hope this helps. I can send screenshots if you want to see it.

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