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I've had a credit account established in Quicken for over a year with no problems. Suddenly, the account has recalculated all balances for just this one account, adding payments to the balance and subtracting charges from the balance. I've found a prior discussion where someone had missed the fact that the balance was a credit - - this is NOT the case here. This is truly increasing the balance for payments.


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    Did you see a post with my answer?  Are the payments and charges in the right columns?  Sorry if you already seen this.

    Is the balance in red or black? Look back through your transactions and maybe you'll spot one that was entered backward. Or a payment in the charge column or a charge in the payment column. Look around back where this first started happening.  Or maybe you are missing some charges?  Or entered a payment twice?

    If the balance is in Black, it means you have a credit on the card.  Like if you overpaid the bill or got a refund for something you returned.   When you enter a charge it will reduce (decrease) the credit you have available on it.   And a payment will increase the balance.

    Also make sure you have the right starting balance.  If it's zero you might need to add a beginning balance for when you started the account in Quicken.

     The credit card balance you OWE should be in RED. If the balance is Black then it's showing the credit card company owes you and you have a credit balance. And then when you make a payment it's like the cc owes you more. So you need to go back though your entries and find where the balance switched to black to being in your favor.

    See this for more info.....

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    We know you don't have a credit balance on the card but Quicken must think it is.  Can you post a screen shot of a couple lines in the register showing the payment or charges and the balance column?  
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