Is it possible to specify a date to Sync from

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I am new to Quicken on the Mac. Sync did not give me the option to specify a date for the Sync. It arbitrarily chose May 1st. Is there a way to change this?


  • Jon
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    No. It's up to each financial institution to decide how far back they want to go. 

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  • DeeM
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    I found in settings under Transaction Downloads a "Download transactions Starting: mm/dd/yyyy" that can be set. However, it changed nothing when update requested. Maybe it is for manual downloads. Surprised that any bank would not let one go back to Jan 1st of the current year, as they do have that online. So....this means doing a manual export from the bank and an ingest into Quicken is better. now need to see if I can wipe everything out and start over. Ughh
  • RickO
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    The setting you found can limit how far back it will go. But it will not extend the download beyond the date limit set by the bank. This is usually 90 days.

    However, you might be able to get transactions from further back. Go to your bank's website and see if they provide the ability to download a "Quicken file" of transactions going back to Jan 1st. The file will end in .qfx or .ofx. After you have the file, double click it (or use menu File > Import > Bank or Brokerage File in Quicken). If the bank is supported, the file will import. If it doesn't let you choose your existing account, no problem... just import it to a new account then drag and drop all the transactions to the existing account, deleting the empty new account when you're done.
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