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PayPal & Two-Tier Authentication

Wayney Member ✭✭
I've recently had issues with PayPal not being able to update due to the fact with the two-factor authentication PayPal requires, the prompt dialog box doesn't show me how to authenticate the account (choices e.g. email or phone SMS text). I see that PayPal has slightly changed the webpage when entering the authentication code (using boxes to "fill in the blanks" instead of the rectangular box.
Is this being worked around? Can't find anything in the support section or the Quicken "self-help" section. Have a hard time, too, finding a way to get in touch with Quicken, even though I have a Premium package installed.


  • sghesq
    sghesq Member ✭✭
    I've got the same issue. Any progress from Quicken?
  • Wayney
    Wayney Member ✭✭
    It looks like you can still update PayPal account using two-tier, however you will have to enter manually in the dialog box when Quicken asks you how to receive the authentication code. It appears all you need do is enter the email address or telephone number (or other way you receive it) in the box provided. Just tried updating mine and it worked fine. Good luck. It seemed technical support with Quicken was not willing enough to look into the issue just on my word alone.
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