Scheduled Quick Pay

Dennis6@ Member ✭✭✭
I am just trying to let Quicken know of something they need to look at. No need to comment unless you are Quicken. Then, I would be interested in your comment:

I pay my American Express bill using Bill Manager, Quick Pay. As you know, when a bill is due, it shows on the appropriate Quick Pay line in a separate box. My September bill is due on the 17th, but the box shows December 17th.

The above is petty, and I believe I can pay the bill without issue. I am writing this mostly out of frustration. I want Quicken to see all the little (and big) issues with Bill Manager as I find them because at this point, I have had so many issues with it I am losing faith. As background, I would not consider myself an expert Quicken user but with over 25 years of almost daily use, I think I am an experienced user and I have used Bill Manager since switching over from Quicken Bill Pay when the new system first came out.

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