Ongoing Capital One issues, not downloading all transactions

mikeulator Member ✭✭
So, I've had issues with one of my Capital One accounts, a savings account, for several months now. Out of the blue it started not adding my payments to my Capital One Venture card (the payments come out of this savings account). I had posted before but had no luck in anyone responding/knowing what to do.

Today I look, expecting to go manually add the transactions like I have been, but the most recent ones are there. But now, as of July 31, seems to have stopped adding the interest payment to the account. The interest one is there for June 30, but the July 31 is missing in Quicken.

It's only the one account. I have 1 checking, 2 savings, and a CC account with Capital One and just the one savings is having these issues.

Today I tried resetting it from the online services tab of the Account > Edit/Settings window. Didn't help. In fact, the first time I did the reset it said the account didn't exist in Capital One after I did the authorize screen! I immediately did it again and then there it was and I told it to link to the existing one.

Any thoughts on what else to try? Is there another way to re-add it (like it's a brand new add) but without losing the data? If not and the next step is to try and delete it and re-add, is there a way to make sure I can add the older transactions back to the new add? Can I export the data, delete it, re-add it, and then import the transactions I exported?

This is driving me crazy.
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