Chase Bank issue - downloads vs reconcile

The new Chase Bank connection to Quicken has an irritating flaw. When it downloads checking account charges and deposits to Quicken, it does not include "pending" amounts. However, when it reconciles the account, it does include pending amounts! This leads to a reconcile error every time and I have to manually reconcile the accounts. Hopefully someone, either at Chase or Quicken will fix that.


  • rpgarrett75703
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    I have 2 identical Quicken files; one that uses Direct Connect and the other EWC+. I've been maintaining the EWC+ file for about a week. When I first did the conversion it downloaded a bunch of transactions that were already in my register and were marked as cleared. Since they were redundant I just chose to delete them rather than accept them and have them added to my register. A few days passed without any issues then today it downloaded what I believe are the same redundant transactions I had deleted. It won't let me manually match them to an existing transaction so I just deleted them again. In addition the online balance for the Direct Connect file doesn't match the online balance of the EWC+ file. Checking the Chase website I see that the online balance there includes a pending transaction although no pending transaction was downloaded. So technically the online balance in the EWC+ file is correct in that it matches what Chase is reporting online while the online balance reported in the Direct Connect file does not match and is off by exactly the amount of the pending transaction. With less than a month to go before the mandatory conversion to EWC+ this is really a mess. I wonder if Chase/Quicken have a Plan B in the event that this mess is not fixed before the deadline. Hopefully in that case they will extend the life of Direct Connect until all EWC+ Chase/Quicken issues are resolved.
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