Asset closed automatically when credit or liability account closed

larryh4043 Member ✭✭
I have my home set up as an asset in Quicken. Over the years I have refinanced several times and have also had several home equity lines of credit (HELOC). I currently have 9 credit or liability accounts associated with the home asset account in Quicken. All but one mortgage and one HELOC account have a zero balance and in 'real life' these 7 accounts are closed. Quicken, however, will not allow me to close any of these accounts without it also closing the 'home' asset account. No warning message is displayed, but if I close any of the credit/liability accounts, the asset account is automatically closed. There is also no way to reverse this process, except to restore the file from a backup. This appears to be a Quicken programming bug. Just because you refinance your mortgage, doesn't mean you sold your home. Even if ALL the accounts are paid off and closed, that doesn't mean the asset isn't still owned. Closing a credit/liability account should NEVER automatically close the associated asset account.
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