Chase Transactions Rollout - Breaks Transaction Downloads from non-Chase Accounts

Evan100 Member ✭✭
Ever since, at Quicken's request, I implemented the new mechanism for handling the download of Chase account transactions, all of my other downloads no longer reliably work. Nearly every day since this feature was implemented, I have to deactivate and reactivate other non-Chase accounts (e.g. Citibank, Discover) to get my transactions to download. This "fix" only lasts a day or so and in a few days downloads from these accounts quits working again. "Update now" on an individual account does not work. Once this problem surfaces and I individually download a non-Chase account by itself, the Update Summary report created is blank. BTW, I had no problems implementing the new Chase methodology...but doing so has screwed up downloads from every other non-Chase account.

As an example, Just 10 minutes ago the problem happened again. I first attempted to download transactions from all accounts. Only my Chase account reported any results. I then ran my two Citibank account downloads separately, by themselves and nothing happened. The generated Update Summary report was blank. I deactivated/reactivated the online services for my Citibank accounts and voila, two transactions I had expected were then downloaded to me.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Any fixes?
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