Scheduled Transactions

I see others have posted this problem but have not found a solution. The dates continually jump ahead instead of monthly like I set. I have deleted and restored the groupings. I have tried your other suggestions but it still does it. I think this problem started over a year ago and every month I try to fix it, without success. Curious if there has been any recent suggestions to fix this problem.


  • UKR
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    For the reminders giving you problems:
    Is the reminder scheduled monthly?
    On what day? day 1-31, nth Wednesday, first or last Monday, etc.
    What setting are you using: "Remind me [xx] days in advance" or "Auto enter [xx] days in advance"?
    What is the number for [xx] days in the reminder?
    Trying to find out if there's a problem with determining the next instance date ...
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