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After reauthorizing my Chase accounts via the Chase web UI, it returns to Quicken, and an Add Account screen appears. When I attempt to link my checking and savings account to the ones I have set up, those accounts do not appear in the "Link to existing account" dropdown. My only other options are add or don't add to Quicken. If I choose Don't add, it makes me go through the reauthorization process again.


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    have you tried to "deactivate" the current online connection for that Chase account and then go through the conversion process or set up the online connection again?
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    Signing into Chase only produces a Blank page with a Chase logo on top when attempting conversion. Poor testing for a major conversion..BAD QUICKEN and Chase!!!!
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    Chase claims I have successfully linked my account, but when I go to Quicken, I have a window up saying "Sign in the Chase Bank failed." This has been happening all day.
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    jmbr0cks said:
    Signing into Chase only produces a Blank page with a Chase logo on top when attempting conversion. Poor testing for a major conversion..BAD QUICKEN and Chase!!!!

    Are you running a browser extension for blocking ads/trackers? I use Ghostery and I paused it and tried the process again. The screen was no longer blank and allowed me to go thru the process.

    Hope that helps.
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    I was just prompted to go through the new Chase verification process. I have two existing Chase credit card accounts in Quicken. The process (1) prompted my to link to an existing account, which ended up incorrectly automatically linking to and overwriting my HSA credit card. (there was no way to change it); and (2) prompted me to add a new account for the second credit card, and wouldn't let me link it to the proper existing account.

    Cleary this process is not ready for deployment and needs much more testing.

    [I incorrectly previously posted this under a Citibank heading and hadn't seen this thread yet]
  • Thanks, that did the trick for all but one credit account. This account is deactivated but when I go through the Chase activation process, it says that the account is shared with Quicken and there is no way to change that. When it returns to the Quicken Activate One Step Update, this account is listed with all the others with an action of "Don't add to Quicken" and there is no way to change that either.
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    What is the solution to this problem? I have same issue
  • mwilbur
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    Same issue. Is there a solution? Quicken customer service is by far the worst. Totally sucks
  • I am having same issue. Tried to migrate but never. updates my quicken chase accounts. I have done the tricks and still no avail. Called customer service and they did not know what I was talking about. Go figure
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    If it says an account is shared but you want to no longer share it, you need to go to the Chase website to fix it:
    1. Sign into the Chase website.
    2. At the top of the page Click on "Security & privacy".
    3. Scroll down where it says, "Linked apps and web sites" and Click on it.
    4. In the section labeled, "Active" it will probably say "Quicken via Intuit". Click on that.
    5. You should now see what accounts are being shared with Quicken.
    6. If you no longer want to share all or some of your accounts, Click on the "Edit sharing" button.
    7. Under the section "Account(s) shared" uncheck the accounts you no longer want to share with Quicken and then Click the "I agree" button.
    If the account in question is still deactivated, then you need to go through the process of activating it again. You should be able to now add it to Quicken. Hopefully that will work for you.
  • dlovatt
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    Tried to migrate and it seems to have conntected but can't download any transactions. During the authorization prcoess I get the "Activate One Step Update" window and it shows my Chase credit card account but under "Action" my only choice is "Don't add to Quicken" there is no option to map to my already existing account. everything appears to be set-up but I have to go login to Chase to manually download any transactions. VERY frustrating that this update has not been smooth.
  • I did all the tricks you said (rpgarrett) with the chase website and then re-activated my accounts. It says that it downloaded approx 1200 entries in each acct but it is completely blank. I do not want all the stuff downloaded from day one, but where I left off in July when I started this treacherous journey.
  • rpgarrett75703
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    My comment are not tricks. I was responding to the post that said there’s no way to not share an account with Quicken. Were these 1200
    entries already in your register? My own experience was that 90 days of duplicate transactions may have been downloaded during the conversion process. In my case I chose not to accept them so they were never entered in the register. I see that the latest Quicken update claims to have fixed the issue of duplicates being downloaded. I can’t speak to your specific issue since I don’t know what issues you were initially experiencing.
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    Basically the same thing here on the latest subscription windows program . It asks for the Chase connection EVERY time I open quicken. The bank lists my accounts but QUicken only allows do not add to quicken.
    Also Wells fargo reset one of my savings accounts to a "Loan account" ,,,
    The latest update slowed down the quicken opening. I get the quicken sign in instantly then a full 18 seconds later the accounts show up .. This on a fast pc withy 32gg of ram and multipls SSD drives.
  • To me, anything that helps with a tech situation is a trick. Did not mean to be disrespectful. I did just talk to quicken and they had me do a few addl things: when deactivating accounts, take out the account number linked to quicken on the "general" pg. Then after reactivating, sign out of. your quicken account. Then log back it. All worked after that.
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    In simple English I would like to download my two Chase credit cards into my Quicken register. Some where I get the message accounts not added even it shows them.
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