New sign in duplicates existing Chase accounts

Tom K.
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When I did the new authorization signin procedure, it duplicated both my Chase accounts with a similar name adding the account number to the name. Now downloading my latest transactions goes into the new account. My old account has 20 years of data and I want to use that, not a new one. Anyone else with this?


  • rpgarrett75703
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    It sounds like you weren't given the option to link to your existing accounts. Are those existing accounts still activated using Direct Connect? If so, that was the problem. Hopefully you have a recent backup file before the EWC+ conversion. If so, restore that file. Then deactivate ALL of your Chase accounts (Tools/Account List/Edit/Online Services). Then to restart the conversion process go to Tools/Add Account and click on Chase. The names Chase assigned to your accounts may be different than what appear in your account list which is OK. Just make sure to link each Chase account that was discovered during the authorization process to its corresponding account in your account list. That will prevent a duplicate account from being created.
  • JanGilbert
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    Too late for that advice. I read back, and nowhere were those instructions. I too have 20 years of transactions that i do not want to lose...
  • I have 2 sets of Chase accounts now, my existing ones(Direct Connect) and new ones ( EWC +) named with the last 4 digits of the account number. When I download, I get the transactions for both sets of accounts - existing and new. I am afraid to try any fixes until Quicken has definitive instructions of what to do. I was thinking if there is a way to stop the download to the existing accounts I could live with that. I would still have the historical data in the existing accounts, but would go forward using the new accounts. I am NOT doing anything though until there is a rock solid solution.
  • txfeinbergs
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    They should honestly issue an apology to us for this complete failure to test their SW and offer a free month as well.
  • briansblair
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    Just had this problem on my wife's 3 chase accounts. UGH. Don't have a recent backup. I think I'll just delete the 3 new accounts and turn off online access for the existing ones and try to stat over. It did not give me the option to link the accounts when I went through the chase authorization.
  • The Release Notes for the newest version mentions the duplicate account problem, but it doesn't fix it.
  • I keep getting asked to reverify my Chase accounts. I do it sometimes and skip it sometimes. When I do it for 3rd/4th/5th time, my accounts get screwed up (duplicate register for Checking). I also seem to get inconsistent behavior, mostly related to setting up registers for accounts which already exist and should simply be connected / linked.
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