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Failing Chase Conversion

jmbr0cks Member ✭✭
on MacBook performing Chase conversion, Quicken opens Chase login on Safari. After logon, only a blank page displays with a Chase logo at top center of page. They must have not done thorough test runs to verify the process works. Bank of America conversion is coming next per Quicken notice, hopefully they will fix the issues before starting that conversion.


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited August 2022
    If you have any ad filtering or pop-up blockers active, did you try turning those off? I can't remember now if I had to do that or not.

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  • Austin@
    Austin@ Mac Beta Beta
    The process worked perfectly for me, so it could be a browser-related issue. 
  • jmbr0cks
    jmbr0cks Member ✭✭
    Turning off my Add Blocker worked, thanks for the tip.
  • I did as well and it did not work. It was only after I deactivated all my accounts, went to chase>security>security center>disengaged the link to the quicken app. With the help of Jose with quicken, he asked me to not only deactivate, but remove the account numbers on the "general" tab for each account. Then he had me go through the process again to activate all accounts. Lastly, he had me log out of my quicken account and log back it- then do a one-step update. All went well after that.
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