How well does Quicken work after subscription expires?

I'm still using Quicken 2015 as I've really not wanted to delve into forced subscriptions year after year. I have over 20 years of data and the application does take a little longer to start up and updates might take an extra second or so. Should I expect much better performance if I purchase a subscription? What happens if I let my subscription expire? Will I have a good experience after letting it expire or what might I run into? I asked this question a few years ago and I was forewarned that there could be a lot of nagware going on and advertising potentially getting in the way of doing things effectively.


  • bmciance
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    If you let your subscription expire you will get a big annoying banner (nagware as you say) taking up a good chunk of the top of the screen reminding you to renew your subscription.  Since you are still on 2015 you are apparently not downloading anything so that won't change (unless you decide to download after buying the subscription - dowloading would not be available once your subscription lapses).  Also, I assume you are not using Quicken Starter (or other similar names used previously).  Quicken Starter becomes unusable if you do not renew your subscription.  The other higher versions (Deluxe and up) will at least allow you to use them without downloading (with the annoying banner).

    As far as expecting much better performance, I'm not sure if there is any guarantee of that.  
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