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Quicken Bill Pay

So, since 1994, it was pretty easy to pay a bill electronically. All you needed to know was the Name and address of biller, and the account number. CheckFree supported this. It's now dead. Quicken Billpay supported this. It's now dead. Bank of America Billpay, linked with the Quicken register, supported this. Now BofA has killed Direct Connect.

Bill manager does NOT support this.

Say I want to pay fred's chase credit card bill. I used to be able to go to the register and enter:

Send chase{fred} fredcategory 123.45

chase{fred} was a payee set up in online services. It had fred's account number. Fred gave me his account number, but NOT access to his chase web site, bills, etc. I would do an update, and the billpay service - CheckFree, Quicken Billpay, BofA billpay - would electronically transmit the payment.

I can't do this in Bill Manager, unless I use Check Pay, which will mail a check to Chase. That works, but takes a long time, and I will be charged if I do too many of these.

Quicken support says that this is the situation. Please bring back the old functionality!

Mike Atwood
(director of Quicken Development 1992-1996)
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