Quicken has gone off the rails: wrong balance, duplicates for weeks, connection problems

kem070396 Member ✭✭
All I wanted to d was balance my checkbook. So I updated to the new Chase connection. And I have been without a usable App for 3 days. And it doesn't look like it will be handled anytime soon. I called in a panic 3 days ago. Spent hours on the phone. We thought we had fixed the "duplicates for weeks" issue, the next day, things went totally haywire. I was promised a callback 2 days later, but I had to call the next day. Another few hours spent, with the guy saying, "well, you're going to get a callback tomorrow, so...". The only progress? A brand new file created to test out. And lo and behold, the problem in Ticket #9674432 shows up. And I have so many backups at this point, I will probably lose 12 years of data with no hope that I will get a working App back. Especially when the "upper tech support" tried so hard to blame Chase without even working the problem. I had to convince her there WAS a problem which she finally figured out when I showed her the new file and she knew what to look for (for THAT issue). I am disappointed in the program, the support, just in general. And they are closed Monday for the holiday, so.... I am currently looking for another program.
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