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The image attached shows my One Step Update Summary showing "2 new transactions". There are no new transactions!! Have been trying to get rid of this for months now unsuccessfully. Have gone through the accounts in great detail to see if I have missed any transaction. Nothing. Anyone has any idea, please?


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    First things to try ...

    Missing Some Transactions When Downloading From Bank?

    Please read and try this:

    If that doesn't help solve the problem, please tell us more about your issue and how you're processing downloaded transactions. Do you auto-accept, "accept all" or manually review and accept each one of the downloaded transactions?


    Quicken Says There Are Transactions to Accept But Do Not See Any

    Please read and try this:

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    @Mots - I am having this exact issue at the moment with Schwab. I have many accounts that are working perfectly and when there is nothing in these accounts it will say 0 transactions downloaded.


    I recently opened another account at Schwab, so I tried to add this account to the one step update. It did download the first 2 transactions that were in the account, but after that there has been no new activity. Every one step update after this first download now always says that this new account has 2 new transactions downloaded. Even thought there is no other activity in the account, nor will there be, but every single One Step update after this always shows 2 transactions downloaded.

    I restored my file to prior to adding this account and resync'd everything, and I'm now back to operating as normal, and when Schwab updates and there is no data, it does say 0 transactions. As soon as I add this new account though, that one account seems to be stuck somehow saying 2 transactions downloaded.

    So @Mots I was curious if this issue started for you when you either first added the Schwab accounts or potentially while adding a new one?
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