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When I accepted the Chase update for downloads, my Quicken downloaded duplicate accounts for my current Chase accounts. The new ones where my transactions download only go back 6 months. I don't want to lose the original accounts, how do I download into those? Can I just delete the new accounts that downloaded?


  • DawnK16
    DawnK16 Member
    I suspect what happened is after you went through the new Chase update, it sent you back to Quicken and gave you the opportunity to "link to existing account" or "add new account" and either your existing account wasn't in the list (that's what happened to me) or you inadvertently set up a new account. Go to Tools>Account List, then choose the original account>Edit>Online Services>Reset Account. This should fix your original account, then run the update. If everything looks ok and all your new transactions are there, you should be able to delete the other account with all the transactions in it.
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