Any budget gurus?

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Been playing with budgets and all my issues seem to be incredibly similar:

  1. I take a yearly RMD for income - for ease let's say $12,000 a year. It happens once a year but I want to see $1,000 per month in Personal Income. I cannot make that happen.
  2. In a similar way, I have a yearly expense of say $120. I want my Budget to show $10 each month for this expense even though this is paid once a year. Cannot find a way.
Must be something I am missing. Got the fix? If so, I can make everything else work.
Did try the yearly averages, etc. Missing something.



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    Have you tried setting up a monthly budget for Income Category X of $1000 and then turned on "Rollover" for the category?
    In this example, I'm budgeting 1/12 of annual insurance expense every month but there are only 2 payments per year. The Rollover icon carries the difference between budget and actual forward every month. At the end of the year, the balance should be near 0.00

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    Thanks. I did try rollover but it was a bit confusing and not doing as expected. Will try again.

    @UKR ? Does calculate averga ecome into play at all? And Should I enter 1/12th per month in the montly budget amount?

    These all must interact in some way, yes?


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    I always try to keep it simple. Yes, there are some fancy calculation routines, but it's faster for me if I just use the built-in mini calculator.
    So, for your $120 annual one-time expense in Category X, you do this:
    • select the Category
    • in January Budget type 120/12 Enter (results in 10.00)
    • click the category X name field to see the 3 icons available with each category
    • click the gear icon
    • select "Apply Jan budget forward to the end ..."
    • Now all Category X budget fields in every month have the 10.00 budgeted amount
    • Lastly, in the category name field click the gray or green double arrow icon to turn "Rollover on" so that a green arrow icon appears in the category name field
    • Now each month's balance shows the running total of prior rollover + budget - actual. (If the Balance in January does not appear to add up correctly it may be because you have a rollover amount from last December. Click the Balance amount to see the calculation and, if needed, reset the rollover amount)
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    That's great. Thanks. Not all particulalry intuiive. Especially when starting in the middle of a year.

    I'll assume it works the same with income and go off and finish setting this up and see what it looks like.

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