I'm having a problem with Vanguard brokerage account

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"Sweeps" from my settlement fund don't appear to be recording correctly. When cash comes into my account it is "swept in" to the settlement fund. I record that as a "buy" of settlement accounts shares. When I use the money in the account to buy a stock or a mutual fund, I record the money "swept out" of the settlement fund as a "sale" of shares in the settlement fund. For some reason, the cash balance is increased but not decreased when I do this. I saw a similar problem on Merrill Lynch, but I didn't see a solution. Any ideas?


  • One thought I had: Should I treat the "settlement account" as a separate bank account and transfer money in and out of it? Would that help keep the books in balance? It appears Vanguard treats "sweeps" differently from other transactions.
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    In my Vanguard IRA, I don't treat the settlement fund as a separate account. 

    Exactly which transactions are wrong? Is the cash balance not going down when you move the money into the settlement fund, or is it not going down when you buy a stock/mutual fund? 

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