How do I delete a Quicken file on a Mac?

When I open a Quicken file I no longer want, I can't find any button/command that allows me to delete the file.


  • RickO
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    edited September 2022
    Click menu File >> "Show 'filename' in Finder". Go back and quit Quicken, then send the file to the trash in the Finder like you would any other file. After doing so, you may want to click menu File > Open Recents > Clear Menu, so have Quicken stop trying to remember the file.
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  • Jon
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    You can't do it from within Quicken. With the file open, go to the File menu and one of the options will be to show your file in the Finder. Select that to bring up a Finder window for the directory where your Quicken file is stored. Close the file in Quicken, then delete it in the Finder window.
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