Chase - deleting Quicken online Payee --> deletes the online Payee over on Chase

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I did a Oops - with the looming Chase migration from our working DC to the EWC+,
I wanted to do some house cleaning with respect to the "Chase Bank Bill Payment". 
SO... I started going thru my Quicken "Online Payees" and DELETING them from Quicken.
WELL... it turns out that Quicken was still able to send these "actions" to Chase,
and then Chase in turn deleted those same Payees from the Chase Bill Payment system.
Just wanted to share... that even though Quicken may receive the OL-301 error while trying to send "payments" - it looks like other Chase Account actions are still making it through.
I have since removed the Chase Bill Payment from Quicken,
and re-created my Payees over on the Chase website....
will revert back to double entry bill payment -
once in Quicken, once in Chase.


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    I noticed the other day that the Online Payee List still shows up in Quicken even though I converted to EWC+. However, the "New", "Use", and "Pay" buttons have been grayed out as well as the "Lead Time" has been removed. Since the ability to use Chase Bill Pay has been removed I'm not sure why Quicken still maintains the Online Payee List. Unless when you create payees to use with Quicken Quick Pay and Check Pay they also appear in the Online Payee list. Or perhaps you have another Financial Institution that's set up with Direct Connect and supports a Bill Pay feature. The Online Payee List window has a menu that allows you to select the "Financial Institution" but the only choice I have (in my EWC+ file) is to "Show all Online Payees". In the Direct Connect version of my Quicken file that I still maintain in parallel with my EWC+ version the menu choices are "Chase" and "Show all Online Payees". So even though the Online Payees in the list are all for Chase they still show up even though Chase Bill Pay is not supported using EWC+. The strange thing is if EWC+ doesn't allow Quicken to communicate with Chase directly how and why did it delete your Online Payees on the Chase Website? Did it do this via the Intuit servers somehow? In the past if you created an Online Payee on the Chase website it automatically was downloaded into Quicken during an OSU. Will that still happen when using EWC+? If so what's the point of that without the ability to use Chase Bill Pay?
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