Chase Migration (QWIN)

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  • dryfork
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    Good Lord. After last year's 3+ month fiasco with Charles Schwab account downloads you would think both parties, Chase & Quicken, would have fallen all over each other to insure that this was a seamless transition. Not so. While Quicken has alerted there would be a change for several months they did not announce (at least to me!) when it would occur. I did one-step update this evening, was notified I needed to update my Chase account access, followed all on-screen instructions and now have two accounts that contain duplicate transactions from Jun 8 through today, and the "old" Chase account is still downloading in addition to the new one. I'm sure I can fix this easily but it is sooooooo irritating.
  • almatav
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    I'm having issues with it too. I have two Chase accounts. Both appear re-connected, but transactions aren't downloading at all on the second account. No transactions have downloaded since the 31st. Also, I don't see Online Balance or Current Balance at all - it's almost as if I'm not even connected. Using R43.20 build
  • hydrick
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    I too have been attempting to migrate to the new connect system with little to no success. After the transition completes the ending balance in my register is off by THOUSANDS of dollars. To resolve this I've had to restore from a backup (taken just before I tried the transition) and turned off the "sharing" on the chase website. So basically I'm still running on the old system.

    I did conduct an experiment that had interesting results I'll share here. I exported my checking register to an excel file before and after my second attempted transition. Then I compared the two files and found out of some six thousand transaction only one was missing after the transition and that was a balance adjustment of $50. Once I inserted that in the new account spreadsheet they were all but identical except for the ending balance. When Quicken exports to a spreadsheet it transfers a number, not a formula to I did a sum of all of the transactions and the amount of that sum was exactly the expected balance (from the "before" spread sheet. Somewhere there are additional hidden on invisible transactions being created during the conversion process. If anyone has an idea why this is happening I'd love to hear about it.
  • Nick6504
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    I have tried the reauthorization several times. I get logged in to chase and then a blank screen until something times out. Never completes.
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