Merging two credit card accounts

I'm looking for guidance on how to merge two credit card accounts that are now visible on my Account screen. They both relate to the same Chase credit card account, but the new listing and its accompanying data were added by Quicken after I changed the password on the account at the same time that I was issued a new card due to the loss of a previous one. The new card has a different number than the old, but it accesses the same account. When I updated the data in Quicken today, it recognized my password had changed and it temporarily redirected me to the Chase site to re-authorize access. Apparently as a result of the card number having changed, Quicken then added a new account and imported the most recent three months of data. So those three months worth of data are now duplicates in Quicken. How can I merge these two accounts in Quicken without losing the proper categorization I had done on all entries in the original account?


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