I cannot reauthorize my Quicken accounts

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When I perform 1-Step Update, I am prompted to reauthorize my Chase accounts, as have been told to expect. However, after being taken to my browser (Chrome), I login to Chase, and am taken to the following:


However, at this point I wait for a very long time, the Quicken Add Account screen returns the following error:

"Sorry the sign in failed due to time out or a connection error. Select Sign In to authenticate via your web browser."

The browser window, entitled 'Outage Chase," then displays a list of various phone numbers to call "while our site is unavailable." However, the site is not down, as I am able to log access my Chase account via Chrome (not via the Quicken process.) This has been going on for at least a week now. However, so far this has not prevented me from continuing with 1-Step Update to download my Chase transactions.

Please advise.


  • misapope
    misapope Member ✭✭
    OK, the problem was my pop-up blocker. I have now successfully reauthorized my Chase accounts for Quicken.
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