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When are we going to get a fix for the unrelenting request to update Chase? I've gone through all the steps multiple times and seems like everything was successful. However, every time I try to update transactions, I get a pop-up window stating "Your financial institution (Chase) connections need an update." Again, everything seemed to work at Chase end as they say it was successful, directed me back to Q and finished the last page in Q about adding the account. Doesn't appear that Quicken is addressing this issue.


  • Seriously.

    How many times do we have to click "Skip now..." on this annoying dialog after we already completed the process to allow the Quicken/Chase connection? I think I am on a dozen or so now with no end in sight.

    How do we manually force this app to recognize that the process has been completed.

    Sorry to be a "me too"er and not provide a meaningful solution. but it had to be done.
  • 45MPHK9
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    I am in the same boat!
  • jcclarkin
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    Me too. Starting today, after clicking "Remind me next time," it opens the "One Step Update Settings" window, which asks me to download an update, even though it tells me Quicken is up to date, and says, "To continue, enter the password for the following institutions," and then it shows "Chase" and my user id. Adding the password repeatedly returns me to the "One Step Update Settings" window. I can no long update other accounts as a group using One Step Update.
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