Chase Connection Update

When are we going to get a fix for the unrelenting request to update Chase? I've gone through all the steps multiple times and seems like everything was successful. However, every time I try to update transactions, I get a pop-up window stating "Your financial institution (Chase) connections need an update." Again, everything seemed to work at Chase end as they say it was successful, directed me back to Q and finished the last page in Q about adding the account. Doesn't appear that Quicken is addressing this issue.


  • Phillips Owen
    Phillips Owen Member ✭✭

    How many times do we have to click "Skip now..." on this annoying dialog after we already completed the process to allow the Quicken/Chase connection? I think I am on a dozen or so now with no end in sight.

    How do we manually force this app to recognize that the process has been completed.

    Sorry to be a "me too"er and not provide a meaningful solution. but it had to be done.
  • 45MPHK9
    45MPHK9 Member ✭✭
    I am in the same boat!