Chase Reauthorization - what seems to have worked for us

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We have been working on reauthorizing the Chase credit card. We deactivated and then reactivated the account. When we went into the account after reactivating, the first thing we checked was the opening balance. We saw that the opening balance had changed from $0 (which was correct because it was a new account) to almost $5,000.

We chatted with Quicken, who responded "Thanks for that information, and sorry about all that inconvenience with chase and to resolve this the only thing you have to do is change the amount of the opening balance if now is $5,000 let's put it back to 0"

Not possible to change the opening balance, of course. So we entered a "fudge" transaction to change the opening balance back to $0. Looks OK so far.

We also told the rep to please tell Quicken bug management that that is a terrible solution, and they should have fixed the problem prior to rolling it out.

Response: "Well I do apologize about that we been having a lot of issues related to chase I wil leave that on your ticket notes and also if you have any commect related to Quicken you can do it in our community page, aside from this is there anything else I can help you today?"

Maybe this will help someone else to get past the problem.


  • bobandsherry82
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    If I recall, I had similar issue and I could change the opening balance. Just first be sure to mark that as "Cleared" instead of "Reconciled".
  • kmagnush
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    Interesting re changing the opening balance. Hopefully won't have the need to try that in the future!
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