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I just tried downloading my Pay Pal account. The balance is way off yet something like almost $400 + to a about $93.00 more than it really is. (not complete but very close differences.) So, concerning my account in PayPal it is no better.


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    PayPal has undergone a major website change effective September 20th. No longer can I easily update PayPal on Quicken. Also, using web connect - the export button no linger exits under the PayPal transaction list. There is now a difficult convoluted download method by accessing "Activity", on the PayPal account website, but I have had no success in downloading current transactions. Instead, only choice is to download all transactions going back at least month which results in duplicate transactions appearing on my Quicken ledger. Is there a direction to exclude Quicken form financial accounts? My bank, Truist, has eliminated Quicken from Wealth Management accounts.
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    I'm struggling to do the same with paypal [Removed - Speculation].
    At the core Quicken/Intuit have gambled on a proprietary interface .. qfx ..
    and I guess it hasn't taken off and is being rejected by "banks".
    OFX was an open standard ~ and as is QIF
    Now us the consumers we are collateral damage in the banking wars as to what it takes to support a workable download. The "Quicken Update" is unrelaible to depend on, and started to work for paypal, and then stopped. Reliability is the key to making this work, and it should start with an open standard that can be inspected.
    So I do use paypal as little as possible because of the overheads of tracking transactions, however the only way I've found of importing it into quicken is to export as QIF as follows
    On paypal Go to
    Account(Gear)>Tax Documents.All transactions. {month statements}
    Select QIF, then Date range (from last transaction in quicken register to current date) and then Generate Report. Emails when report complete
    What is then totally annoying (as of last time I downloaded) is that importing through QIF it doesn't go into a download register and its not possible to do the usual transaction checking . It seems to be brouhgt directly into the register, and then needs to be manually audited/weeded.
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