I just tried downloading my Pay Pal account. The balance is way off yet something like almost $400 + to a about $93.00 more than it really is. (not complete but very close differences.) So, concerning my account in PayPal it is no better.


  • John Adams4
    John Adams4 Member ✭✭
    PayPal has undergone a major website change effective September 20th. No longer can I easily update PayPal on Quicken. Also, using web connect - the export button no linger exits under the PayPal transaction list. There is now a difficult convoluted download method by accessing "Activity", on the PayPal account website, but I have had no success in downloading current transactions. Instead, only choice is to download all transactions going back at least month which results in duplicate transactions appearing on my Quicken ledger. Is there a direction to exclude Quicken form financial accounts? My bank, Truist, has eliminated Quicken from Wealth Management accounts.