Migrating Chase Accounts - balances off

I was prompted to update my Chase accounts today. Ended up disconnecting my existing accounts and then reconnecting. However, in doing so, my balances got messed up for my accounts. I ended up adding adjustments but it seems like the account balance doesn't come down from Chase. It was showing as 0 for my checking account. Losing my faith in Quicken. It used to be so easy to click 1 step update. Then things started changing and one by one my accounts were becoming manual downloads. Chase and one other account were my only accounts that worked with the 1 step. Now that is messed up too. Is anyone having a smooth conversion?


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    Hi @stanglady1992,

    Unfortunately, a number of folks are having similar problems like you are seeing.

    However on the "balances got messed up" problem - I suggest that you look at the opening balances of your Chase accounts.  Many folks have reported that in performing the migration - Quicken is changing the account's opening balance to an incorrect value.  I believe that is probably what you are experiencing.

    Let us know if you have any followup questions and we'll do our best to help.


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